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°∑°∑Origin of Daoist
According to historical documents: one day in 141 (Sixth year of Yonghe in East Han Dynasty), on the Heming Mountain, which was next to the Qingcheng Mountain, a travel-worn person from Jiangsu Province was painting some pictographic symbols on the bamboo. When he finished the last symbol, he felt relieved and sighed. He said, °įAfter all these years, I finally finished the 24 Daoist books, now I can put more energy into painting water spell to cure people°Ī. This person was ZHANG Ling, also named ZHANG Daoling, who was well known as Daoist Master ZHANG.
In order to preach his Daoist, the Jiangsu person went to as far as the remote southwest China. What was the possibility of his success? This is worth discussing. The southeast area wasn°Įt like Jiangsu where became civilized earlier. In the southeast, ghosts and monsters were popular back then; but Sichuan people were simple, kindhearted, obedient, and therefore could be preached to with low cost. It was the final stage of East Han Dynasty and the life of people was hard. ZHANG knew about medicine and cured people for free, which won him esteem from people. However, only esteem wasn°Įt enough for him to preach his Daoist to people. And there were so many people asking for ZHANG°Įs help and he was too busy to help all of them. Therefore, he created a rule that anyone who wanted to follow his Daoist, to ask for his water spell to cure their illness, or to expel ghosts inside of them, should give five Chinese pecks of rice as the earnest money of his Daoist believer. That was the origin of Chinese local religion ®C Doist, which was also famous as °įFive Peck Daoist°Ī.
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°∂Daoist in the Qingcheng Mountain°∑
Chengdu is the cradleland of Daoist. This place has a long history of Daoist culture and is an influential place inside and outside of China. Especially the Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu, as the origin place of Daoist and World Cultural Heritage, is an important resource to establish Chengdu as a nationwide tourist brand of Daoist culture.
°ÚDaoist in the Qingcheng Mountain is a website made by Pulan Team of Puyang Middle School for 2010 Cyber Fair