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Daoist music in Qingcheng Mountain can be divided into two types ®C vocal and instrumental music. The former one included forms of Yun, Cantilation, and Recitation. Yun is a melodic form. Cantilation included two types which are respectively Zhao Yun and Gao. The style of Zhao Yun is like poetry recitation and the style of Gao is like cantabile poetry recitation. Daoist Recitation has the typical characteristics as other recitations. As to the instrumental types, in Qingcheng Mountain°Įs Daoist music, there are two types: small music which is mainly done by flutes and other similar Chinese instruments, so the music is gentle and the volume is comparatively low. Another type is called big music which is mainly adopted by folk Daoist ceremony and is played by trumpet and gong and drum in Sichuang Opera.Another sub-school of Daoist music is Cave Scripture Music. The cave scripture music is popular among the folk for thousands of years and is played by folk musician around the Qingcheng Mountain area. Naxi Ancient Music in Yunnan Lijiang is very famous. Its successor, Mr. Xuan Ke, set up a special-purpose trip to Qingcheng Mountain to find Naxi ancient music°Įs origin. He confirmed that the root of Naxi ancient music was in Qingcheng Mountain and led his music ensemble to give a joint performance with Qingcheng Daoist music.
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Chengdu is the cradleland of Daoist. This place has a long history of Daoist culture and is an influential place inside and outside of China. Especially the Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu, as the origin place of Daoist and World Cultural Heritage, is an important resource to establish Chengdu as a nationwide tourist brand of Daoist culture.
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