°∑°∑Key Points in the Plan

Technologies and Facilities£ļ

Most equipments are provided by our school°Įs television station; some are won by us being the Town and Talent Project network administrators; some are borrowed from our friends and relatives. We hope we can get more help for our future study by participating in this competition.

Name Use Name Use
computer Paperwork, website making, image processing, examples of teaching, information delivering MP3 Recording interviews
DV Video taking mike Assisting voice recording
Digital Camera Picture taking Dry battery For microphone and cameras
Traditional cameras Assisting picture taking Color printer Text and image output
scanner Scanning pictures Flash disk Backup information storage

The combination of the research and the new lesson standards:

When interviewing local people, we needed to use standard Mandarin and IT skills. By actually carrying out our research plans, the team members kept discussing and revising the content, which taught us the importance of study together. And also, we had the opportunity to use internet to apply our knowledge in real life. On one hand, we could exchange information faster; on the other hand, we could solve problems more effectively.

How do we play the role of °įambassador°Īin the competition of web design?

After our team leader communicated with the teachers in our school°Įs television station, they supported us by providing hardware. When we interviewed history teacher Tang, he showed his enthusiasm and said our chosen topic was good because it addressed our spirits of exploration and practice. He wanted us to cherish this opportunity. And when lots of our classmates saw us using computers in computer room, they asked our help to teach them how to operate computer.

What effect does the research have on us?

1. Ever since we started the competition preparation, our school life became even busier. We had group meetings or things needed to be done every noon. Sometimes we needed to use our weekends. Sometimes we felt busy and tired and time seemed never to be enough! By participating in this activity, I felt I took a lesson which wasn°Įt taught in school. I learned a lot and cherished lives more.

Special explanations on our work:

The formation of the website is based on materials from internet and books and interviews with related people. We analyzed them, digested them, and rewrote in our own languages. The pictures in the website were taken by ourselves.

What we get from this competition

By participating in this research, I learned a lot of knowledge beyond the school curriculum. In the process, we deeply realized the importance of teamwork. You need to mind your manners and attitudes when you give suggestions to others; otherwise nobody wants to listen to you! Whenever we met difficulties or were chided by teachers, we learned not to be frustrated but to make more efforts. In this activity, we felt the milk of human kindness and learned lots of precious experiences from teachers and students.


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