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    The professional in Feng Shui says that the good Feng Shui for a city is that water in the front and mountain at the back. Chengdu completely meets the standards. There is Jin River coming in the front and Qionglai Mountains at the back. Qinglai Mountains are not the highest but significant. Some people will doubt the significance of Qionglai Mountains because Qinglai isn’t as famous as E’mei, Gongga, Siguliang Mountains inside of Sichuang Province, not even mention the places of interest around the whole country. But as for the far-reaching influence to Chinese people’s way of life, the Qionglai Mountains become prominent.
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Chengdu is the cradleland of Daoist. This place has a long history of Daoist culture and is an influential place inside and outside of China. Especially the Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu, as the origin place of Daoist and World Cultural Heritage, is an important resource to establish Chengdu as a nationwide tourist brand of Daoist culture.
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