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      The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation, the dragon dance is a symbol of the Chinese spirit, which embodies the solidarity, hardworking spirit, and this is what the Yin dragon to deliver. Among the Yin dragon, the Dragon performances are made by performing artists personally, which were made from bamboo, hemp, wood, paper, cloth, iron etc.. Folk artist Mr. Du Xianzhong said that Yin dragon was consist with head, body and tail three parts, it is seven feet from the head to the tail, about 2.3 - 2.5 meters, a total of five sections, each section was distributed on the dragon head and tail, there are three parts of the Dragon body.
      In the rolling process, the prototype of bamboo and wire are chosen to weave the dragon head and tail, making dragon beard with hemp and wire, and then carefully trimmed molding. Brush paste in bamboo, put the white paper on bamboo strips repeatedly. Being Colored gauze with red paper or colorful paper when it was turned to dry. The body is made of bamboo strips and iron wire, put the bamboo strips with circle, each circle tied to a 3 feet long (about 1 meters) dance bar. Making the dragon head and tail is the key to success.
      "the head, dragon body and a dragon tail is mainly connected with cloth and wire, each part of the dragon was tied up 20 cm diameter cylinder by iron wire, which is covered with white cloth (commonly known as the Dragon dress)." Mr. Du Xianzhong said, the color of Yin dragon generally divided into blue, yellow and golden, green represents hope, yellow is on behalf of the harvest, golden represents auspicious. Folk artists use brush, gold foil, silver foil to decorate. Yin dragon is small and flexible, which is mainly to dance, requirements and skills of dragon eyes and dragon tongue is relatively simple, generally a person can make a dragon in 5 to 7 days.

We set off   Folk artist told us about the dragon making.   Folk artist was giving an explanation of the entire process step by step(1)
Folk artist was giving an explanation of the entire process step by step(2)   Folk artist was giving an explanation of the entire process step by step(3)   Taking picture with folk artist
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