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       Yin dragon culture is a major feature of Yin culture, and it is a major highlight of dragon culture in Bazhong City, now it has been included in the intangible cultural directory of Bazhong City, but relying on the government support is not enough if we want to carry forward the dragon culture. It needs more attention and support. So we call on the community attention to care Yin dragon, inheriting the traditional culture. We believe that as long as we do our best for these intangible cultural heritages, these cultures will get better development, it will enrich the cultural life of the residents, to add luster to the socialist spiritual civilization.

  Finally, we appreciate::
    1、Here we express our special thanks to people of all circles for their kind support
    2、Thanks to inheritor of Yinjia Feilong to provide information and materials
    3、Thanks to Mr.Du Xianzhong, who made dragon, for his support
    4、Thanks to every classmate, who accepting our interview, wish you good health and your learning progress

    1、these texts and pictures in the webpage were mostly from the student. If there is no agreed reference, please let us know, we will correct it. We apologize for the Inconvenience.
    2、Part materials of Web site are from Yinjia village cultural center
    3、the names of people and places are the real name.


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