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       Yan Xiaobing is the fourth generation of Yin dragon, in his view, Yin dragon play an important role in people's cultural and entertainment in Yin jia.
       Although the dragon dance is widely distributed in all parts of the country and the nation, its forms are various, three people with five parts of Yin Dragon is very rare. Yin dragon has both rough of north and bold of the north, and it is the important historical area of Daba mountain folk customs, myths and legends, history and culture, traditional arts and crafts.
       The value of art, while the Yin dragon shape is according to the traditional image of the dragon, but the art of Yin dragon is relatively unique, it is mainly to dance, to strengthen the overall ratio, and the combination of color, requirements and skills of dragon eyes and dragon tongue is relatively simple. The other one is the performance art, Yinjia dragon shows up small, little, dainty, flexible and free. It not only can be showed by a people, but also can be showed by a group.
We have participated in more than 70 the Spring Festival of Yinjia town and Dragon shows since 1999 the eighteen consecutive years. It is the Yin people's love and pursuit for the dragon, the Yin dragon became beautiful scenery in Yinjia town.
       It is said that there were 8 dragon dance teams in the middle of the last century in the township, one dragon dance team exists a total of only 7 people, but most of them are older. In recent years, in order to spread Yin dragon, the local government and relevant departments took measures to rescue it, at present, 9 students have been learning Yin dragon. Even more surprising is that they are only 10 years.

Dragon dancer brings exclusive happiness to everyone in the street when there are some celebrating activities take place.   Teaching students to play dragon   Lead successor to publicize Feilong culture
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