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     Yinjia town is near Nanchong, 100 years ago, Yinjia Feilong was spread from the south into Yin County home, this art form put down roots in Yinjia from then on. As the fifth batch of intangible cultural heritage of Bazhong city, Yinjia Feilong was loved by the local people. This 50 years old Yan Xiaobing and Chen Zhenke as the Yin dragon heritage, who are also the fourth generation successor, has been performing for over thirty years. To their delight, Yinjia Feilong was given considerable attention by the public, 9 disciples are following their painstaking study.

The 4th generation successor of Yinjia Feilong Dragon dancers were dancing with dragon Students were learning a dragon dance
  writingZhang Hongjuan
PhotographyTang Yiping  Yuan Fengwu  

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