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      Inheritors of Yin dragon constantly adapted and enriched its performance form, formed the unique traditional art form. The general show time is from Chinese New Year to fifteenth day, it was showed together with the colorful dragon, colorful and boat etc.
      Because it is compact and flexible, performance requirements on the site of the Yin dragon is not high, village or Community streets, alleys, farm dam, even they can show on the three benches in the "T" type or on the table. The dragon dance show needs a total of three people, the person need to hold the head of dragon with one hand or two hands, the remaining two people hold one part each other with their hands. The basic actions of Yin dragon are totally eight, respectively is “the rolling Dragon takes the pillars”, “yellow dragon crosses crotch”, “yellow dragon wrapped around the waist”, “two parts of dragon body jump the handle”, “three parts of dragon body jump the handle”, “tiger sloughs its skin”, “Guanyin sitting on the lotus”, “flying”, “swimming”, “thinking”, “gentle and quiet”, “Brave endeavour” and so on. All the changes of the actions are led by the command, the leader stamps his foot to lead the other two dancers. Different acting place, rhythm and accompaniment make the Yin dragon show the myriads of changes.
      Dragon people are generally wearing cloth on the head, satin dress coat and thin soled boots. There are four people to take part in dance accompaniment, musical accompaniment is Sichuan Tanggu, big gongs, cymbals, small gongs (and Jiaozi), which was led by tabour, the common tune is “Lanfanshen”, “Kuaihupai” and “Kekezi” more than 20 shows. The shows are passionate, happy, inspiring and uplifting.
      "The most important of Yin dragon show is the three personal tacit understanding, three people must unify together, so they can create a rhythm, sometimes soaring, mighty and vigorous, beautiful, serene and dignified postures." Yan Xiaobing said that the process of the performance is a test of physical strength, performing percussion music often needs 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and at the end, they are often sweating.

taught all sorts of different skills   Communicated with 4 people who play accordion for dances   Play certain tricks on a stool
Dancer’s clothes   Gave step-by-step directions   Demonstrated for everyone.
  writingLi Qinglin    PhotographyCai Guangzi Yuan Fengwu    

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