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      Yinjia Feilong refers to a set of traditional handicrafts, traditional art, traditional music, traditional dance in one, which is spread in En Yang District, the main form is traditional dance. Because the colorful dragon was flying up and down around the performers, like the Dragon rolling on the ground, the momentum looks like the way of the Dragon, so the local people named it “Yin dragon”. Through continuous improvement and enrich its performance form, from a unique traditional art form. "later the people think the rolling dragon is not good, so it was renamed flying dragon.” Yanxiaobing said with a smile.

Local people, Yan Xiaobing was
telling about the origin of Yinjia Feilong

      According to Yan Xiaobing introduction, node Yin traffic is important since ancient times, because there are merchants from North and South, The goods never stops flowing. So it formed a shop, named Yin Jia pu. In Jiaqing years, there was a man who picked the salt from South County became the son-in-law in Jinjiapu. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Yin family is preparing for the dragon lion, Hanchuan, color table and other festivals of the Spring Festival, in order to add the festive atmosphere, Wang invited several young people in the south making dragon and teaching performance skills.
    So far, Yinjia Feiong has passed more than 100 years in Yinjia town, only Yinjia town retains the integrity of the Dragon making and performing arts in Bazhong city.

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