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From the beginning of the 2015 Spring Festival, "Yinjia Feilong" this traditional culture began to come into our campus. In the fourth generation of Yan Xiaobing's guidance, the first batch of dragon team was born. Now a team will always show dragon dance in almost every major activity in our school, they played the dragon dance and brought joy to everyone. At the same time, according to several biography about the dragon, our school (Yin primary school) printed dragon essence and asked the young teachers to learn, then teach more students, and the school also has the special dragon dance class, so that "Yin dragon" can be spread in Yinjia primary school, really into every student's mind of primary school, let intangible cultural achievements carry forward in the school.

  writing/Zhang Ruixing     Photography/Tang Yiping?Yuan Fengwu   

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