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      A few years ago, our web page works got awards in the Cyberfair, everyone was encouraged, and teacher had quite a lot of experience in webpage competition. In October, web contest registration began again, our administrator teacher registered for us on the Internet. We were busy again so that made up 6 people group immediately, carefully understood the demand of this year's web series. With the teacher's guidance and help, we tried to make web pages independently, though we think it is difficult, but it is a challenging task, so everyone of our team were very excited, immediately entered the research state of the project.

      Yin dragon is one of our home cultures, which combines history style and modern culture as a whole. Although it has no beautiful natural scenery as well-known mountains and rivers, it has the unique culture in the well-known mountains and rivers. It is one of our hometown's traditional cultures, it is the pride of the people in Bazhong, it is our Yin people's pride, through this project, let more people know and understand the Yin dragon's history and culture, to further understand our hometown, although our ability is limited, we firmly believe that through in this way, we will be able to show our hometown to friends around the world, convey the love for hometown, but also hope that through this way of publicity, let more people understand the cultural characteristics of our hometown.

  writingZhang Hongjuan    PhotographyYuan Fengwu    

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