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1、Local characteristics
     Yinjia village in Enyang district, in Bazong City, is located in the juncture of Ba,Yi,Lang County, having beautiful scenery and outstanding people.Here is not only the beautiful scenery of Damushan, but also has more prestigious Yin dragon in the city of Bazhong, according to their characteristics and experience of dragon dance, the people here let the Yin Dragon make a giant attention.

2.Summary of Our Project
      Through the means of folk visit and inquiry, we got to know more about Feilong culture specialties, deeper understanding Yinjia Feilong history, and more we really understood the profound meaning as dragon was dancing. By this activity, we feel a lot and gain more.

3、Our Computer and Internet Access
     members do not access to the web at home, there are only three computers have Internet access in the school office, and the computer configuration is very low, the internet speed is particularly slow. Students have no computer room, so under the guidance of the teacher, most of the contents on the website are finished in spare time with the computer of the teacher's office.

4、Problems We Had To Overcome?

Difficulties Solution Feelings and Experiences
The school computer network speed is slow。 to mobilize all resources to find information online; as long as you are willing to use the brain, there's always a way.
the students are not familiar with the graphics
processing,Webpage production is also quite strange;
learn to use, to ask the teacher; through the? study, we can quickly grasp the
?essentials of graphics processing;
Team activity time is seriously insufficient. Make full use of weekend and the extracurricular activities We arranged activities carefully

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