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          Thematic background

     Since the reform and opening up, the income gap between urban and rural residents is growing. Farmers’ income from their land for the original can not to catch up with the level of economic development, more and more farmers work into the city. But, a lot of young rural migrant workers, children, old man will stay at home, this should get their children later in life to enjoy their life regurgitation feeding the rural elderly, became "left-behind gens". For several years now, the attention of society to "left-behind children" is growing leads to pay more and more attention to"left-behind children". However, "left-behind old man" did not cause the attention of the society. These "left-behind old man" should not only engaged in heavy farm work, still have to care "left-behind" grandson. Due to the rural elderly cultural degree is generally low, together with relatives, the hard physical labor away from the education of their children, and helpless, let them feel more difficult.
     The old man for staying family has made a great contribution, they should to do the task to have enjoy family happiness in the family, to take care of children. Youth work out to "left-behind old man" will have greater influence which is spiritual planes, old people more or less was in poor health, children and not at nearby, they're easy to produce feelings of loneliness, especially the childless old. These make them late years alone. But the old life in the old age of happiness or to a certain extent in relation to their children can rest assured in outside part-time job. This needs us to also can look stay in these "left-behind old man", in this context, we put forward the attention to the rural "left-behind" old man, this project is to focus on rural "left-behind old man" for the purpose, calling on the whole society to care for this group, with the practical action to enrich their life in his later years, sings to warm them with love lonely heart.

Group members had a interview at Uncle Yu’s home in the Changling village.

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