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          Keeping Watch Is Poverty  

    The vast majority of the "rear" they do not have to join pension, their income is not guaranteed. Busy labor, hard work, reward in exchange for only a tiny fraction of it. They cycle every day, around five o'clock to get up, smoke curl, for their own cooking at the same time, the home of livestock foodstuffs ready for the day, because this is their main source of income in the year one, two pigs, three or four chickens and ducks. In fact, Suanlaisuanqu year during which three or four thousand yuan nothing.
    This is the leader of these old people in that situation. Therefore, there are many the elderly-people, they often planted some dishes - onion, garlic, parsley and the like. One to every market day, they played a long time ago, the small vegetable garden in a tidy and clean and tidy, and then filled with baskets and take to the streets to go. To the market, they paved sidewalk stands, those finishing a good "product" put on the "shelf", crouched there waiting anxiously but patiently the arrival of the first customers.

Harvest in Autumn

     Of course, there are a few "left-behind" old man, in chun xia season, through the forest, through streams, hard to find and herbs. The hardships of the way, the way of the potential danger, we dare not to think, because can let a person degrees. Despite this, "left-behind" the old man of the current state of the economy is still very grim, they still can barely keep hunger, poverty is still very common.

Could people live in this house?

What do so many brooms do ? How much are these vaules?

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