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     The special team composed by three teachers and four students at the age of 14 -17 years old. (Two senior Ss, two Junior Ss).
     The main task of Students in this activity were to collecte the rural element material in the survey and took photos, completed the first draft of the text material. Second, Students were to complete text under the guidance of the teacher. Third, under the guidance of the teacher they were to finish web pages.
     The main task of teachers is to have a review and revision of written material, pictures and web pages to guide students to handle the production.

          Contribution Description:

  Materials collected and the formation of Text entry, image processing Web Production
Student 75% 65% 50%
Teacher 25% 35% 50%
      Faculty membersc:
Instructor:LeiQuhua Instructor:ZhangChaohai Instructor:wubo
       Student members of the:
student:YangShanShan(Senior Two ) student:ZhangRui(Senior one) student:ZhangLongYu(Junior two) student:ChenZhiLiang(Junior two)

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