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     The old man YangZhongCai's house was built by his father and other people, he lives in four walls between the drafty old house, jumbled things full into the room. The room was dark. The old man wearing battered. Our activities are to go with a group in the old man's conversation, the old man ZhangZhongXue heaves a sigh ground to say: "eat, wear, live, I am concerned about nothing,but I am worried about is that day I die but anyone knows !"
    Most "left-behind old man" is the sacrifice of self, consciously become lonely watchers. Their children's sympathize with and forgiveness beyond words: "we can work, not ask for them, they also very difficult",The sons went out to make money, and as long as the sons have happy life we will be satisfied".

we received our old people warmly

    The old man LiShuHuai said to visit our group such a few words, "today hasthe good society, the policy of the party is good, but to me it is not a good day,I don't blame countries, don't blame the government, blame oneself."
    LuoRongCai who go out to work said this to us, “who don't want more respect and support to the old, it is the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, the old man and the child to pick up in the next, a high rent, life, medical treatment, education expenses we cann’t afford, let alone more than 10 hours to work,how can we have time to care for them? We Want to send money to home,but soaring prices, wages are not increase, life stress is too huge!”

What was the left-lonely older talking to our teacher?

we saw the left-old people working in the fields during the survey.

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