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          Keeping Watch Is Dreary

    In rural areas, young farmers could have been the main rural farm labor, however, they are migrant workers, the field or to types of food are still producing, so "stay" at home for the elderly has become the main labor. Many stay at home for the elderly have a few acres of cultivated fields responsibilities, hoeing, plowing, harvesting, drying, all the farm work had to dry. They said: "how can we do? Can move as long as you have to do, day can not move, do not, and will not do the."
    One pair on the weak body of the old couple, planting seedlings in the field pulling the scene shocked you my soul - grandparents re-start the "father" and "Mom." Meticulous care to the third generation. Old man young children are back doing a sweet dream: his father lying on the back, my mother is the back strap of my department, a family of three was walking in the field of hope ... ...

The elderly couple were taking attentive care of their grandson.

The aunty is just accomplied by her hoes

We can see some of these old men in the markets.

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