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        A), project information     
   1, entries topic: loneliness of the sunset
    2, entries website:
    3, entries category: local social groups
    4, the team members: teachers: LeiQuhua, ZhangChaohai, wubo,
Student: YangShanShan (17 years old), ZhangRui (16), ZhangLongYu (14), ChenZhiLiang (15).
    5, participating schools: sichuan province BaZhong flowers middle school      

The picture of a few team members in the voluntary service.

The gifts that we were ready to give the elderly people in the voluntary service.

        B), special situation
    1, the role of the team members
We project to send warm to "left-behind" old man and offer the compassion many times. Help them weeding irrigate fields, and help them cooking, help them do the laundry . And to some "left-behind old man",we sent e money to buy things voluntarily. In this activity, we are volunteers and advocates.
    2, special research process
    5 August members of the main topics into small farm house, nursing home visits to understand the rural "stay" of the elderly living situation, to collect material.
    September finishing materials, writing feature article.
    Octomber processing images captured in an interview, creating web pages.
    November works review finalized, submitting works
    3, projects to local influence
    Our actions, not the benchmarking, not oriented. But we visiting survey, we send warm to offer the compassion, let more people see more clearly the rural rear old people's physical conditions, feel their life situation, touch their heart space; Make the old man in his later years of life in a spirit comfort. We also hope to have social this big collective to join, as long as everyone give a little love, "left-behind old man" never be left. The sunset is more red. Our activity get social widespread praise, from education's point of view, can let young friends feel these people deep pure, goodness, thrift, character.
    4, we meet difficulties and countermeasures
    One is the equipment are scarce, we try to using borrowed, there is no way to rent.
    2 it is low of equipment configuration, we try to make do with use.
    3 it is the network environment is bad, I often miss the school office peak time for work.
    4class time is tight, we make full use of holiday or double cease day for our project activities.
    5 is funding tight, in this activity we as far as possible saving every penny. Group in the months of activity ever buy a bottle of mineral water.
    5, we harvest
    For months, although we are very hard, we have more rejoice! One is the cleansing of the heart, find out a lot of the real story, those stories or passionate, or thought-provoking, or cuirenleixia. We gave them a fortune through joy, for their family misfortune and grief. Two is that it is learned a lot in the course made not only learn knowledge. Such as interview skills, photography, web pages, etc.
    6, project summary
    Our victory finished our project task, investigation process we met a lot of difficulties, also collected the real material, we give full play to a team work, a concerted effort, made our project work. Activity we use the way we can help each of those who need help, we use the filled with look forward to more attention to focus on the community of the countryside, we tried to understand the right social groups and their problems, we try to use the way we contribute the society, we gained a lot, although we do very enough.

The header of the village led us to interview the left-lonely old man.

The pots and pans can’t allowed to leave any stains .

        C), project elements
    1, production related environment:
    Hardware equipment: computer, digital camera, scanner, U disk, switches, etc.
    Making software: Dreamweaver web beautification editing, Adobe Photoshop CS image processing, Word (notepad) text material edit, Internet Explorer web browsing, Windows pictures and fax viewer, LeapFTP transmit data,.
    2, special studies our network environment:
    Because the school is in the mountains, plus their own economic conditions of the school limits, our school can only use ADSL. In addition, the school of computer is only to surf the Internet in the office machines, computer classroom has 30 sets no disk workstation, participate in the activity of the teacher and the students have no a man have their own computer, in order to be able to let activities smoothly, we often use the rest time to complete relevant work of the work.      

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