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        Keeping Watch Is Hope

      "But a magnificent sunset is infinitely good, why melancholy dusk." Yes, "sunset red" is beautiful! "Sunset red" is beautiful!
      However, in that village mang young men walked into a strange city to look their fortune and "dreams" to be rich. They will start leaving their parents to look after their children. These reasons have made them to leave their young figure baby at home and their children are took care of by their parents - the elderly people.
      Looking, there are always some lonely gaunt figures at the gateway of their house in the village. Some of them are over seventy years, and some perennial sick, and some body weak. Despite this, they are still so persistent, looking forward to the early return of their loved ones.
      Look at grandparents and their grandchildren, they were relying on the threshold of their house and staring straight ahead. I know that they were anxious about their relatives but what they can do is just to wait patiently. Look at their smiling face, I guess that they set a watch for some time to wait for the baby's father and mother coming home, right?
    That may be so? We hope so!

Uncle, we hope you have a happy life.

    The elderly pension problem has been concerned by the community and the Government and rural old-age insurance, medical insurance in rural areas, subsistence were adopted, and there are other measures to assist the widows and orphans and to provide material support to them. To solve the security for the elderly and other health issues will be not far away from them.

What were the man and his grandson looking forward to?

The village has established a farm-book house , This is the hope of getting rich.

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