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          last words:

     The rural "left-behind old man" is desolate word! Serious problem in front, we can't afford to wait. We have less people, not much chanted slogans, not solve many difficulties, but we heart enthusiasm, willing to the mountains of the one by one into "left-behind" family. We take not how much sympathy of the material, and the old man can only be put up a bridge of the mind, let "left-behind old man" in his later years of life to a more spiritual comfort. Only wish can let local some teenagers can see our action, short visit a few days, not much influence, not much benefit, but our love is ongoing, we are content with from the minor matter, starts dedicated a little sweat...... . We also hope to have social this big collective to join, as long as everyone give a little love, "left-behind" old man "left-behind". The sunset more red.

    Finally, we sincerely thank you for:

     1 township and village level for two leading comrades in our a social practice, social survey activities support and help.
     2 my youth corps committee to this school for a social practice, social survey activities of the organization.
     3 thanks to accept our project team’s interview. Here we once again I wish you good health and a happy life, the days better than a day.

    1, this page of the words and pictures, most of the students from the original. If there are without consent reference, please inform us, we will change. Thus to bring you the inconvenience, we apologize and please forgive and HaiHan
    2, the web page of digital comes from the flowers township record ".
    3, this paper places, even all use aliases.

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