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          Want to say:

     "Left-behind old man" is such a group of old man, now they live in hard after half century, still can't enjoy themselves, but they work in buildings with rickets body, because of migrant workers,they need to stay at home to look after their grandchildren, take care of the living, tens of "left-behind old man" are in the vast rural life.
    The harmonious society is not only the economy should be more harmonious, we pay attention to the social economic development and at the same time, also cannot ignore "left-behind old man" to take care of and help! To really break the problems "left-behind old man", it needs the government, the society from all walks of life to give more care and support. One is to develop the local economy, rural poor change the status quo. The countryside have the advantages of rural areas, the government can be in development agricultural production for a way out, increase rural financial and investment in science and technology, allow more knowledge, culture and technology of the labor force in the countryside, make them can earn money from the countryside, not influence to become rich, also can look after the old man. Two is to improve the rural public pension service conditions and improve the existing rural offices of the nursing home and service quality of scale. To increase public nursing home investment, expand the endowment place, accept more to the left-behind old man, acquire fit for the old workout exercise equipment, equipped with more professional, high-quality care personnel, in the life, physical, psychological aspects to take food, thus make up for staying in life and spirit on the old man's loss. Three is to establish some charges low rural commercial nursing home. Let the old people have raised. Improve quality of "left-behind the old man's"life. Make migrant workers more at ease, less a points guilt, focus on their work. Also hope the migrant children go back to home to see them more.
    Do good to the old man, because one day we will also be old!

A group of volunteers have a conversation with the left-old people.

The elderly and children in the Nursing House

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