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          project purpose:

     "Left-behind old man" has become the focus of attention of the society, the government needs and everyone's mutual care. To the countryside "left-behind old man"'s care and assistance is a social system project, need the concern of the whole society and effort. Olders are afraid of loneliness, afraid of "go out a lock, enter the door to a lamp". Old life is lonely, they need someone to accompany and talk, have a chat son, communicate with each other, so, would feel the life funny, meaningful. "Left-behind old man"'s problems are resolved, affect their old age life and a healthy body, the working outside children also difficult to secure. To really solve the "left-behind" old man the problems they faced, and needs the government, the society from all walks of life to give more care and support. The countryside have the advantage of rural areas, the government can be in development agricultural production for a way out, increase rural financial and investment in science and technology, allow more knowledge, culture and technology of the labor force in the countryside, make them in the countryside can make money from, not influence to become rich, also can look after the old man, improve "left-behind old man"'s quality of life. Let more people to "left-behind old man" have a comprehensive understanding of, let more people experience "left-behind old man" in the heart of the elderly and children often need lonely with desire.
     From education's point of view, can let some on consumption too recklessly students feel these people deep pure, goodness, thrift, character.

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