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          Keeping Watch Is Hardships  

     The main agricultural production in rural migrant labor, so the burden of agricultural production also fell over sixty years, or over seventy years, or even a ripe old age of the "stay" the shoulders of the elderly.
     In the original piece of barren land, there are always groups of the body down-and-fro in the shadow between the terraced rice paddies. Is the "stay" for the elderly, their dawn to dusk, their hands are back grinding, their Gonggeng stopped working, which hopes to eventually return the field.
     Old people is admirable, not only because of hard-working, not just because of hard work with hard work and sweat out the hope of the wilderness, but also because the "rear" old lack of mutual love, support.

Uncle, Tian zhongxing, was sowing in his own fields

      See green seedlings, the king face uncle straightforward and pleasant smile. Today, one person alone at home, uncle of the king of plug seedlings, and one-third acre field, when to plug in the ah. Neighbors Xiandi, Xianmei initiative to come to ask for help Uncle Wang planting. Fields, from time to time came the old people of hearty laughter.
     Today, planting, Reaper tomorrow morning weeding in the afternoon plowing, planting early in the morning, evening watering, always everything and obviously, there are old people to help me help you figure in the mixed, old people are hearty pleasure laughter in the waves ... ...

Look! Uncle Wang’s straightforward and pleasant smile in his face.

The old man was harvesting sweet potato.

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