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             Facts in the eye

     We have spent more than two months of visits and surveys to see a lot of elderly people staying in the lives .But the most beautiful red sunset is late for love. They should work hard to enjoy the tranquility and comfort, but the harsh reality forced them to continue with hard physical exertion, undertaking heavy domestic work. We should appreciate the bitterness of lonely evening scene.
     The First is the most old people’s wish "enjoyable old days " can not realize, Grandpa Wei and his wife have many children, but life is not rich. The children outside worked all the year round, just enough to the education and the cost of the children. The two old man in the family has four acres of paddy fields and two acres the dry land, raise a few pigs, a dozen of chickens,so a few days free in a year.
     The Second is that life is still poor. It is generally believed that: now the day is much better than in the past, life level also has much improved. But, in some areas with poor natural conditions and a part of the family, because of the income gap widening of the economy, decent lives, other production and life source are also different. "Money" is still troubled some the first problem unattended old man. In the village, investigation of 10 families of migrant workers families, 8 are poor.

We saw the old man difficult sewing his clothes during the survey.

      The Third is they can't afford to get sick. Although the old medicine cure is not surprising that the normal phenomenon, because of the expensive medical spending, indeed become a family of long-term in poverty "trap". In the investigation, "left-behind" old man in the group, basically a variety of diseases with chronic conditions. "Left-behind" old man ChenWangGui need medical treatment all the year, family income and each year for cost of living from children with a large to treat a disease, buy medicine.
     The fourth is they are lonely. "Left-behind old man" are the lack of spiritual comfort, children have migrated jobs, and the old man on the sons and daughters of food to eat can provide for security, but theory on life fun, it's different. They usually by himself, only after more than the sun in idle, every day, life is very dull and lonely. Simply could not resist the lonely heart when he secretly opened the photograph of family with wiping tears, to meet the spiritual comfort.

We saw the old man who was hard-working during the survey.

These are the house where these left-lonely old people live in.

Volunteers helped the elderly who have an problem with their leg walk out of their room.

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