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          Keeping Watch Is lonely

     Young men and women migrant workers, stay at home "stay" daily life of the elderly has become placed in front of the elderly the most annoying problem. They dragged his exhausted body weak, difficult and simply a mechanical repetition of the three meals a day, of course, more time can only be called "make do" "will"; ragged time, even put a magnifying glass, still have their own go-between sewing. Life must Youyanjiangcu, even if the "mountains" to get together ... always have ... this way, how much danger lurks: This road mishap that may occur with the tragedy who can measure? Who knows, who pays?
      The most worried are the old people's pain. These old people's illness and death unattended, they tend to form "- sick sick again, - and then emptiness emptiness," the vicious cycle in which their physical and mental ravaged. The elderly often have sudden onset, no one at home or rescue is not timely, it may miss the timing of treatment, leading to serious consequences.

we saw the old man was sewing his own old clothes.

      Think of the hardships of life, old people moan and groan, "not even a cry of people do not listen." "Hardship involved, endure hunger and exposure to cold is not what is to stiff cold afraid afraid no one knows!" There is an old man truthfully said.

He has to go home to cook himself after busy time in fields.

Rarely was there a free time. what did he think about?

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