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     With the process of urbanization is accelerating quickly, many young people have left villages to cities to look for their own wealth. Behind them, leaving one lonely figure on the look of their homes, people called this a special and large groups "stay" for the elderly. These people should be feed by their children in their later years in the rural elderly in a comfortable old age. Side of rickets, but they labor in the body between the terraced rice paddies, while also undertake inter-generational dependency of their grandchildren.
     They quietly worked hard, kept the mind to miss the mountain side if their sons or daughters are well-being. Life stress, loneliness, they didn’t where to start with, no one to talk to.
     China's rural areas has long been the implementation of family-based old-age way. Supporting their later years by their children is an important guarantee for the elderly. However, with the obligation to undertake major maintenance of a massive outflow of young labor force in rural areas, so the parents can not stay out to provide regular care to the children. The family has been shaken and pension has affected the economic support for the elderly, life care and spiritual solace. At the same time, agricultural production, taking care of grandchildren, human contacts and other burdens are down to the "stay" elderly people, resulting in many "stay" of the elderly .their living situation is worrying.

Perhaps the elderly were telling their loneliness to each other!

      They, the large elderly population, live in poverty, hard, lonely desolate situation. This is not a one problem or a few family problems, it is a living reality. it is a social problem, It is a full social concern. So the Communist Youth League of my school has organized a group of people for up to two months time to have a social survey of making "stay" old heart-warming activities.

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